Dimax is a digital consultancy, specialising in Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy, Project Management and Content Marketing.

Our passion is to create robust but flexible digital strategies that help clients create quality products, services and experiences that better serve their customers to drive business growth.

We work with ambitious startups that have a committed desire to grow and corporates who need a fresh approach to their digital strategies to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape and behaviours of the increasingly connected customer.


We have clients in the UK and work with local partners in Congo DRC and Ghana to provide a local context to the strategies we create for our African clients.

No matter where you are in the world, what products or services you sell, or who your customer is, it’s imperative that you focus on digital as part of your overall business growth strategy.

The companies that remain relevant to and connected with their customers will continue to produce results. Businesses must proactively communicate with customers, consider every touchpoint along the customer journey, and drive new business models and approaches supported by digital communication channels.


Dimax can help you do that. 

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, delivering a service tailored to your individual business needs, budgets and targets.

We use a unique approach by unifying insight-driven planning, creativity and technology to help drive business growth.

Our services include:

Audit & Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy

Project Management
Content Marketing 

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