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Our Services

Helping you adapt to the changing behaviour of the connected consumer.

Businesses must proactively communicate with customers, consider every touchpoint along the customer journey, and drive new business models and approaches supported by digital communication channels. Companies that remain relevant and connected to their customers will produce the results they desire.

At Dimax, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and agility, delivering a service tailored to your individual business needs, budgets and targets using our unique approach of unifying insight-driven planning, creativity and technology to help drive business growth.

If you're looking to optimise your marketing strategy, integrate your digital activities, or just need some help prioritising next steps to grow your business, book in  a free 1-2-1 consultation call with the team.


Our consultation calls are designed to put you in the driver's seat and talk through your painpoints and opportunities.

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Digital Marketing Audit

We can support you using data, trends, and analytics to deliver recommendations for your marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Pushing out random content will give you random results. A strategic approach gives you clarity, direction and focus.

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Campaign & Content Management

 We cultivate and execute digital marketing plans that drive brand exposure and sales,  cultivating relationships with consumers using social media, content, email and paid advertising.

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Digital Marketing Training

Invite us to your business, educational establishment or event to talk, and teach all things digital marketing.

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Digital Strategy Consulting & Project Management

We can support you with managing small, medium or large scale digital projects from concept and definition through to implementation and handover.