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About Us

International experience, local knowledge.


Dimax has been encouraged by how technology is being leveraged across the continent to drive efficiencies in long standing industries such as agriculture, banking and health and believe Africa has only just scratched the surface in terms of harnessing the true value of what technology can do to drive enterprise, education, economic development and empowerment.

As internet penetration increases year on year, mobile adoption and apps usage soars,  increasing urbanisation, growing middle class and youth population across the continent, in addition to a global diasporan community, African consumers are becoming more connected , looking outside of traditional channels for information, fun and shopping.


Connected customers have more choice and are therefore more demanding, requiring tailored, personalised and sophisticated digital experiences.

Founded by Joanna Diana Steele and Claudy Pinnock Makilanda, our mission is to help businesses adapt to the ever-changing behaviour of the connected consumer by delivering bespoke, flexible digital strategies enabling companies to create quality products, services and experiences that better serve their customers to drive business growth. 



We are passionate about supporting the development of Africa, its economy and its people, helping the continent to realise its true potential. 


Our attention to detail is second to none. We are thorough in our approach and have clear and defined processes, strong project management and people skills. We strive for excellence and help our clients to do the same.


We  involve our clients fully throughout the whole strategic process and work together to realise your business and marketing goals acting as an extension of your team.


We are always learning and  keep up to speed with new concepts, methods, techniques, tactics and trends ensuring our clients get the freshest and innovative ideas. 


Quite often, companies think they can hire somebody with  knowledge of multiple channels; be a copywriter, designer, have strategic and analytical expertise all rolled up in one. This is an unrealistic expectation, and if you hire one person to do all of that, the reality is, you are likely to fail.

The Dimax team is multifaceted with all the aforementioned skillsets and much more. We offer a personal service, integrating into your business, becoming an extension of your team.

We have over 20 years' combined
digital marketing and ecommerce experience working with a variety of organisations  within tech, FMCG, finance and creative industries.

With our diverse and vibrant team and partnerships, we have a unique dynamic that combines international experience with local knowledge and our award-winning expertise helps B2C businesses achieve their marketing goals.


We are a growing dynamic team with a wealth of international experience and local knowledge. We have a presence in the UK (London) and Ghana (Accra) and leverage on our network of partners to expand our bandwidth as required.

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Joanna Diana Steele

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Joanna is an award winning Digital Marketing and eCommerce Strategy Consultant and Trainer.  Prior to starting Dimax, she clocked up almost 15 years experience helping FTSE 100 multi-million pound UK brands like  Sainsbury’s Argos, Mothercare and London 2012 Olympics create award winning campaigns, build content-rich digital experiences and create engaged online communities to increase visibility, revenue & sales.


Esther Oyeniyi

Marketing Assistant

A law graduate, Esther brings her transferable legal and administrative skills to the team.
A proud British - Nigerian, Esther's values align with those of Dimax.
She is passionate about supporting the development of Africa, its economy and its people, helping the continent to realise its true potential.
Having been a business owner herself, she understands the importance of client care and does a great job in supporting Dimax and its clients on its marketing activity.

A creative at heart, Esther also hosts a radio show and is not shy of the camera, having appeared on numerous TV shows in the UK.




Sales & Performance Marketing Agency


LeadMonger design, build and optimize revenue engines for both consumer and B2B brands. 
Their services include Growth Marketing,
Digital Marketing, SaaS Sales Consulting and
Brand Communications.

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Box Idea

Animation Production Company

Congo DRC

Box Idea specialises in the creation of animated content and audio visual production.

They help companies stand out and stimulate growth using creativity and animation technology to educate and promote their products and services.

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