Colegio Maria Cano in Malabo leads the way in integrating technology with education for Equitorial Guinea's next generation

November 4, 2018

Colegio Maria Cano in Malabo, Equitorial Guinea is celebrating its 5 year anniversary. In a short space of time, it is fast establishing itself as one of the top private education establishments in the country. This year saw an unprecedented number of students enroll at this prestigious school. Suffice to say Equitorial Guinea and the African continent as a whole has always valued elite learning and in fact education more generally so the growth of Colegio Maria Cano should come as no surprise, but something that stands this school apart from others and has no doubt contributed to its growth is its approach to innovation.


Director Milondo Kabamba has been a key element of the school's success, always exploring new ways to engage. She says, "Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect the next generation. We also want our children to grow and learn in a pleasant environment." Kabamba herself was raised in Equitorial Guinea but has also lived and worked in the US. "My experiences abroad have enabled me to think differently on how we can better equip the young children of Equitorial Guinea to be successful here and abroad." 


She says, "Business is becoming increasingly global and technology driven, we are preparing our children with teachers from multiple cultures and countries including Spain, Cameroon and Guinea." The school has an extensive English programme and has more recently embraced technology into its DNA. Kabamba says "We can't connect the next generation without it."


This term sees the introduction of a CGI and Animation class led by the team at Dimax. Animation enhances students’ creative and technology skills putting them a step ahead of their peers.

The school also has plans to create innovative and efficient digital experiences for students, teachers and parents to ensure optimised learning for students and communication between the school, parents and students. A new website is the start of this and will be launching shortly.


With a forward-thinking approach on the development of the school curriculum, Colegio Maria Cano arms its students with new skillsets for this ever evolving world. It's clear to see how this school easily rivals private education establishments in Equitorial Guinea and the world over.