Top 5 African Tech Trends for 2017

January 13, 2017



So 2017 is well underway and another year will surely mean another milestone within the African tech arena. It's hard to predict what will be the next big thing in this ever evolving sector but the following are things to surely keep an eye on this year.


1. Drones
Drones have been a topic of discussion for some time. Their presence up until now has been fairly limited. US company Zipline has been using Rwanda as their test country for its drones which deliver medical and drug supplies to rural areas. A simple idea -  yes, but revolutionary in supplying medical care to people in those harder to reach areas. Zipline has just raised $25m to expand their service into other countries and it's likely that other companies will soon follow their lead. What will remain to be seen is if the concept of drones will expand into the commercial arena.


2. Big companies entering the market

Africa as a continent is being viewed internationally as less of a risk in terms of doing business. Last year saw an onslaught of big tech companies dipping their toe in the water. Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Ebay were very active. More are sure to follow. In addition, other large companies have been setting up innovation labs tapping into homegrown digital expertise and finding solutions to making the continent a better place.


3. Fintech will win big

2017 will definitely be the year where the African population will have more access to financial services than ever before. More companies are set to launch and join the successes of Zoona and Nomanini. Where traditional banking has failed in rural areas, tech companies will succeed.


4. Global Institution Investment
Major global institutions took an interest in the African tech space last year. The World Bank launched a number of startup accelerator programmes and the European Investment Bank partnered with the African Development Bank to launch Boost Africa which will assist 1,500 startups across the continent. This is new movement which will no doubt gain momentum this year as global institutions seek more valid avenues to support Africa's development other than aid.

And finally.....

5. Dimax Digital.....yes Us!

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